Let’s Start The Application Process

Before you formally begin the first step in the process, our hope is that you spend time looking through our website to better understand the excellent educational opportunity your child will have with IAS.

During the Application Process we want to take an opportunity to meet with you and your child. It is important that we assess your child’s existing abilities to understand how well they will integrate into our school life.

Start The Application

Complete The Application

Complete the application online and submit the required documents to the school.

  1. First: Complete the application and submit it. The non-refundable fee of 100 TND will be collected at the time of the first interview appointment.
  2. Second: Contact us for an appointment to visit the school. We will then conduct the student assessment. This site visit will give you an opportunity to interact with our staff and see our facilities.
  3. Third: We will offer your child a position at IAS and complete the registration process, including the financial agreement.
  4. Fourth: There will be a scheduled orientation for you and your student prior to the start of school. The dates will be posted on our website and you will receive additional information as to the needs of your student (such as uniform purchases).

When we meet with you, our staff will be able to discuss how IAS can best meet the needs of your child. Your child will participate in an age appropriate assessment. You will also have an opportunity to share any particular issues that are specific to your child. Please review the fee schedule because there are some fees required during the Application Process.