IAS Explanation of Fees

Reviewing and setting fees and charges occurs on an annual basis. The school reserves the right to adjust the fees and charges at any time with notification.

The table below is an explanation of the fees and charges for the International Academy of Sfax (IAS) for the current school year.

Assessment/Application Fee:

This is a one-time charge for assessing your child and reviewing the application, which is non-refundable. The assessment will be tailored to the age and needs of your child, and will include opportunity for discussion with teaching staff about your child’s needs. This will be an informal meeting.

If your child is entering Primary Grades 1-6 and did not attend IAS the previous year, a one-time charge will be made for assessing your child to ensure that they will be able to integrate well into an English-speaking educational environment, allow the school to understand and ensure that it meets the needs of the student.  

Payment should be made before or during the assessment. A valid Tunisian passport, or government ID or international passport for non-Tunisian families, is required at this time along with the completed application.


This is a payment at registration which is non-refundable. You may register your child with the school before paying the annual Tuition Fee. Please be aware that if your child is assessed successfully and the school has a place available for your child, the registration payment will become due immediately and will be invoiced to you.

This fee must be paid in full to complete the application/registration process and place your child in a class. If you fail to pay this fee immediately and you were given notice that your child is accepted into IAS, your child may lose their space in the assigned class.


This is a one-time deposit. Once your child has been successfully assessed and registration is complete, the formal offer will be made. If you accept the offer, you must then pay the deposit to confirm the place. The registration fee and the deposit must both be paid to secure a place for your child.

The deposit will be held until your child leaves the school.  If you give three-months’ written notice prior to the departure, the deposit will be returned to you, or you may choose to donate the deposit to the Scholarship Fund or other donation accounts at IAS.  Interest will not be paid on your deposit and any unpaid fees or charges will be deducted prior to returning the deposit.  If you fail to provide a written notice at least three months prior to leaving the school, this deposit will not be returned to you.

Re-registration Fee:

IAS requires an annual re-registration.  Registration of returning students for the following school year takes place in May.  You must tell us in writing as soon as you know that your child will be leaving the school. If any of the previous registration details change, it is your responsibility to let the school know, in written form, as soon as these changes occur.

Beginning June 1st, all available seats will be offered to new students.

Registration fees paid for the next school year must be paid by April 30. If you fail to pay the re-registration fee, your child may lose their placement into the next year’s class.

Parents must return the signed original of the contract, fee schedule and payment instruction sheet with the re-registration fee.

Annual Fee:

The Annual Fee (tuition) is non-refundable.

Accepting a place for your child means that you accept full responsibility for all fees and charges related to the schooling of your child.  School fees are payable in advance for the whole year or will be divided into five or ten payments. Parents will sign a financial agreement based on their choice of payment. The payments are installments and do not correlate to the number of days in a month or the number of months in the school year.

The first installment must be paid prior to the first day of school.  If you choose 10 installments, the second will be due the 15th of the first month of school.  You will be billed on the 1st of every month and the installments must be paid by the 15th of the month in which they are billed.

The complete installment payments are due in full even if the school year is shortened or in-person instruction is changed to on-line classes.

For students who start school after the beginning of the school year, full tuition will be charged. If the student begins after the first half of the year is complete, tuition may be adjusted per contract.

All Annual Fees are subject to the current rate of TVA which will be added to the amount stated on the chart.  All fees are subject to change annually. Discuss this subject at the time of enrollment.


Parents are expected to pay the school fees in TND.  Any foreign student, not a permanent resident of Tunisia is subject to additional charges.  Check the rate when make your first appointment.

There is a discount for a second child in the same family attending when both children are in Elementary school.  Until that time the fees for each grade level will apply.

Tuition can be paid in cash or check.  If cash, there is small additional fee to round to the nearest 5 dinars.

Other Charges:

There are other charges that may be relevant to your child.  Some are fixed and others will be charged when you contract for additional services.


The school places a high value on eating together, believing this is part of the education of your child.

All grade levels remain at school for lunch.  Teacher and teaching assistance generally eat with the students in the lunchroom and use this additional opportunity to practice English and learn about the students.  Please check with the school to determine if you will need to pack lunch for your child in addition to snacks.

Resource Fee:

This fee covers the consumable classroom materials.  Your student will need a sturdy backpack and a few other personal items.  If you will need to purchase books, that will be explained at the time you register your students.

School Uniform:

Students are required to wear school-approved uniforms Monday—Thursday and any field trip.

Details will be provided as well as some possible local venders where these items can be purchased. Outerwear should also conform to the school uniform requirements.  Fridays are free dress; however, students should wear appropriate clothing items.

Technology Fee:

The technology fee will be charged annually. Each student will learn to use technology as part of their curriculum. Online class work will be a part of the curriculum.

Insurance Fee:

The school provides the coverage required which may not be as much as your family prefers.  Please check with the administration to make sure you do not need to purchase additional coverage.

All fees are stated before the required TVA has been added:

IAS will bill according to the requirements added by the government.


No refund for temporary closing of IAS due to circumstances not in the control of IAS.